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Why Halle Bailey No Longer Feels Pressure Over Little Mermaid

Halle Bailey is ready for her take on Ariel to become a part of your world.

With the release of Disney’s The Little Mermaid remake just months away, the actress exclusively told E! News that playing the titular character has been nothing short of “a dream come true.” In fact, Halle cannot wait to see how audiences will react to the new live-action version of the beloved movie—even if she was a little nervous at first.

“I don’t feel any pressure anymore,” she explained during an interview about Chloe and Halle’s PINK Holiday Gift Guide. “I think that before I started filming, I did feel some nerves naturally because the film is so important to so many people.”

According to Halle, she was able to overcome the first day jitters thanks to her close friends and family, including sister Chloe Bailey. “I just lean on them and I know that I just give it my 100 percent,” she continued. “I did my best, that’s all I can do. I’m just really grateful to see it all play out.”

Having grown up playing mermaids in the pool with Chloe, Halle is also excited to introduce Ariel to a new generation. The 22-year-old said what “touches me the most” about her role has been watching kids’ reactions to her performance of “Part of Your World,” which was first dropped in September. 

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