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Ronda Rousey Hopes SmackDown Title Run Is Her Most Active, Wants To Change WWE Culture

WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey recently took to her Ronda on the Road YouTube series to talk about several topics. Rousey discussed her title run a the moment, changing the WWE culture, and more.

Here are the highlights:

Her current title run:

Vince doesn’t see me playing the invincible monster like Brock, you know? This is like a more vulnerable side of me. But not vulnerable in like, ‘Oh, I’m being hurt!’ It’s more of a, ‘I gotta find ways to challenge myself more and more and more. Like, I’m not trying to hide from my limits, I’m trying to chase after them with a vengeance. And that’s what I think champions should be.

They should try to duck and dodge, and preserve their hold on the title. And you should never squat on it. I think this is what I want to be seen as my most active title run probably. Most active that they see from from anybody. I want to be defending my title all of the time.

Trying to change the culture in WWE:

Ever since I’ve got here, I’ve been trying to push a cultural shift of, it’s not us s. each other. It’s us versus the men, and not in a bad way but in like, we’re not competing against each other’s individuals, but our match is competing against the men’s match. And we’re all, we’re trying to show that um we’re on we’re on the same level.

And it’s more of like a team thing. Like, who cares who wins a fake fight? What matters is that it’s entertaining. And that’s what I want. That’s kind of like what I’ve been trying to help with with my own attitude in the locker room, that it’s all about us as a team making sure our match is super f**king awesome.

And I mean, everyone that I work with seems really excited to be like, ‘Hell yeah, let’s tell a hell of a story.’ The result really matter to me, and I felt like if it doesn’t matter to me then everything kind of like — no one’s like fighting each other, you know what I mean? I don’t want to argue with my teammate. I’ve never been a team sport person, but I want to win. [laughs]

And so if I’m going to be on a team I’m going to be the best f**king team ever. And whoever I’m working with is gonna love me, and I’m gonna love them, and we’re gonna love kicking everyone’s ass together, while going against each other, you know?

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