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Ohio vandals release 10,000 carnivorous mink into the wild

It was like the beginning of a Syfy Channel horror film.

Ohio officials have issued a warning after thousands of carnivorous minks were released during a break-in at an Ohio farm on Monday night.

According to police reports, the mass mustelid breakout occurred between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. after vandals destroyed fencing Lion Farms USA Mink Farm in Hoaglin Township, local channel WANE15 reported. As a result, some 25,000-40,000 mink were released from the cages.

Thankfully, the farm workers were able to wrangle the minks that remained on the property, leaving around 10,000 of the fur-bearers unaccounted for.

Meanwhile, reports state that many of the animals who fled were killed shortly after being found, while so many minks died crossing a nearby road that a plow was enlisted to help remove the carcasses, WFMZ reported.

It’s yet unclear who broke into the farm, or what their motive was. However, the culprits reportedly spray-painted “ALF” and “we’ll be back” on the wall where the fence was cut.

Thankfully, despite their “carnivorous” nature, minks — which only grow to 3.5 pounds — don’t pose a threat to humans. However, their penchant for hunting prey bigger than themselves makes them “a bothersome pest for homeowners, livestock owners, and property managers,” the Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office warned in a statement to WANE15.

“Minks have proven to be especially costly and problematic for poultry ranchers as well as homeowners with ornamental ponds filled with koi and other fish,” they added.

Nonetheless, the sheriff’s office issued a warning on Facebook cautioning people not to approach the furry fugitives “because they might bite.”

“If mink is spotted,” they wrote, “call Lion Farms or a nuisance trapper so the animals can be recaptured by experienced handlers.”

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