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‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ Will End With A Majestic, Fully Lubed-Up, 30-Minute Long Dance Number

Get ready for a whole bunch of abs. With Magic Mike’s Last Dance hitting theaters in a couple of months, director Steven Soderbergh revealed that the movie, which is the third in the franchise, will end with a dance sequence that will last more than 30 minutes. This is not a drill!

“We wanted to blow the dancing up in a big way,” Soderbergh told Empire Magazine. “We have this dance number with Channing [Tatum] and Salma [Hayek] right up front. And then the last 30-plus minutes of the movie are just this giant dance sequence.”

The director, who said they filmed in a South London theater which he described as “lovely,” opened up about the challenges that came with putting together such a long sequence.

“My job is, how do I make each one of these distinct? I can’t shoot them all the same way, I have to come up with a different approach for each dance. And that was really the challenge,” he said.

Referring to the theater, he noted that “there’s not a bad angle to be had in that place.”

The director went on to hint at more that we can expect from the sequel, including the first time we see Mike (Tatum) in a relationship.

“The first film was a fairly straightforward rendering of a set of characters who exist in a certain milieu that hasn’t changed since its inception,” he explained. “And the second film was pushing out a little bit to talk about what women are looking for on a night out in which fantasies and sexuality are explored and how do you retain a sense of mystery, while still existing in an environment in which things like permission and consent are front and center?”

Soderbergh continued, “The third film just really dives into this in a much bigger way, partially because for the first time we see Mike in a relationship. So that just allows for a dynamic and a set of discussions that we haven’t had access to, prior to Magic Mike’s Last Dance.”

Magic Mike’s Last Dance shimmies into theaters on Feb. 10, 2023.

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