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Lap Dances, Body Rolls, and Grinding Galore: ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Steams Things Up With ‘Magic Mike’ Strip Show

The Sex Lives of College Girls returned for its sophomore season on November 17, and if its first two episodes are any indication, Season 2 of Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble’s HBO Max comedy promises to be sexier than ever before.

The two-episode premiere shows our favorite Essex College roommates, Kimberly (Pauline Chalamet), Bela (Amrit Kaur), Whitney (Alyah Chanelle) and Leighton (Reneé Rapp) stripping down, hooking up with guys (and girls!), drooling over their sexy new Marvel-armed neighbor Jackson (Mitchell Slaggert), and so much more. From attending a nearly naked party to hearing “the loudest, most performative sex in the world,” the girls receive quite the campus welcome. But one of the most memorable shows of skin happens in Episode 2, “Frat Problems,” when a group of Theta boys put on a steamy Magic Mike-inspired strip show to raise money for…climate change.

Season 1 of The Sex Lives of College Girls ends with Kimberly exposing Theta’s elaborate cheating scheme, and thus, putting the frat at risk of losing its charter. As payback, the Theta boys vow to get the girls banned from all frat parties, so Bela and Leighton offer to help them prove to the administration they’re good guys. How? By throwing a fundraiser for climate change, but not just any fundraiser — a sexy, steamy, strip show! Because college!

“Do you know what ‘Magic Mike Live’ is,” Bela asks the guys, referencing the Vegas strip/dance show that Channing Tatum based on his hit films Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL. Before the frat bros can answer, we see Bela and Leighton planning the elaborate spectacle. “I’m talking tearaway pants, body oil, happy trails — both front and back,” Bela explains. “There won’t be a dry panty in the house.”

Colton Tran on 'The Sex Lives of College Girls'
Photo: HBO Max

After creating a “playlist of songs that are good to hump a floor to” and “jazzing up some booty shorts” for the Theta boys to dance in, it’s showtime. Bela walks into a dining hall decked out in gold streamers looking hot as hell in a velvet maroon pantsuit with a black lace bra peeking out. She walks past a large photo of Leonardo DiCaprio and says “Let’s make our climate daddy proud!” And she starts dishing out orders to shirtless college hunks, like, “Get that chair pregnant!”

Before the show starts, the dean tries to shut down the fun, but after learning the event raised $11,000, she green-lights the gyrating on the condition that all penises remain safely stowed. The lights cut, the boys line up on stage, and the crowd of horny teens and twenty-somethings goes wild as Bela says, “It’s about to get real heated up in this room, and it’s not because of carbon emissions.”

A strip show on 'Sex Lives of College Girls'

The Theta studs tear their shirts off, toss them, and bust into a choreographed routine to “Wheelie (feat. 21 Savage).” Throughout the episode, bills fly as they break out signature Magic Mike moves, from body rolls and crotch grabs to body pops and all sorts of worm-like contortions. Towards the end of the event, the guys call up our fab four roomies to stage, sit them in chairs, blast “Vegas” by Doja Cat, and let loose with lap dances, straddling, grinding, and all sorts of scandalous positioning that would make Kimberly go to church twice the next day.

Like so many of The Sex Lives of College Girls storylines, the strip show is a perfect blend of sex and comedy — or in the words of Kimberly, it’s “both erotic and thought-provoking.” The music is fun, fresh, and gets viewers in the mood; the choreography and execution shows serious skills that would make Channing Tatum himself proud; and the fact that something so hot raised thousands of dollars for a crucial issue (one so close to Daddy Leo’s heart!) is a win-win that only encourages added pleasure. My only complaint? We never got to see that Theta bro’s performance of “Thot Shit” by Megan Thee Stallion. But who’s to say this is The Sex Lives of College Girls‘ last strip show? We certainly hope not.

Ilia Isorelýs Paulino shoving bills into a man's shorts on 'The Sex Lives of College Girls'
Photo: HBO Max

The point is, Season 2 of The Sex Lives of College Girls starts off with a bang (and lots of banging). The premiere will make you horny for all the sexiness still to come, while simultaneously getting you pumped for Magic Mike’s Last Dance, which premieres in February 2023.

The first two episodes in Season 2 of The Sex Lives of College Girls premieres on HBO Max Thursday, November 17. New episodes drop weekly on Thursdays.

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