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FetLife post lands Keith Dalessio in legal hot water

A Long Island man posted explicit pics of his lover on a BDSM website, she claims in a lawsuit.

The 22-year-old woman, identified only as “L.D.” in court papers, is now suing her one-time sex partner for posting the raunchy photos online without her permission.

L.D. claims she met Keith Dalessio, 47, of Huntington, on the BDSM social network FetLife in May 2021 and after a few months of messaging, met in person — and hit the sack twice.

She agreed to let Dalessio record their bedroom romps with the caveat the footage stay between them, a restriction Dalessio agreed too, she said in the litigation.

The affair quickly fizzled, and a year after they met, the two stopped speaking. Earlier this month a friend let L.D. know Dalessio had posted three images of her — two of which show her performing oral sex — on his account.

The lawsuit claims Dalessio posted the photos to FetLife without the woman’s permission.

FetLife quickly removed the images, but L.D. was still “very scared, hurt and deceived,” she told The Post. “I wanted to explore my sexuality and I thought this would be a safe space to do it in. I didn’t think that I’d ever have to deal with something like this.”

L.D. claims Dalessio hung up when she called to ask why he broke their agreement by posting the private images.

She’s one of the first in New York to sue under a new federal law which took effect in October and requires permission before such pictures are distributed, said L.D.’s lawyer, Daniel Szalkiewicz.

“There has to be actual consent,” said Szalkiewic.

Dalessio posted the images on Oct. 31, according to the lawsuit.

“I think I’m going to be a lot less trusting,” said L.D., who is seeking at least $150,000 in damages and a court order to keep Dalessio from posting any more images.

Dalessio claimed he’s “never ever posted anything without anybody’s consent.”

“I’ve been on FetLife for eight years and never had an issue with anybody complaining I posted anything without their consent,” he told The Post.  

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