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EFFY Wants To Use His Big Gay Brunch Platform To Promote Equality

EFFY recently spoke with Metro to discuss bringing his Big Gay Brunch event to the UK next year and how he wants to use the platform to promote equality. You can check out some of the highlights below. (via 411 Mania)

On his EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch shows: “We’re only being so loud right now about our differences and about what makes us stand out, because we’ve been told to mute them and hide them away for so long. The goal is at the end of the day to go, ‘We don’t care what your background is, we’re looking for the most entertaining performers.’”

On the progress that he’s seen over the years in queer representation: “It takes a lot of broken hearts… There’s so many diverse, different types of performers that you can’t say, ‘Oh we’ve got us a gay wrestler on the show already.’ That’s still the mentality we deal with in some places when in reality, most of the audiences don’t care about the gender, race, LGBTQ or not differences. They wanna see great matches, they wanna see a great show and they wanna feel like their time has been respected.”

On using his platform to promote equality in the industry: “I’ve reached a weird stage in my career where I’ve done more than I expected to do in wrestling, I’ve punched down a lot of weird doors – I got Jeff Jarrett over again after no one gave a s**t about him. [Now], let’s make the wrestling environment that you’ve kind of imagined, that embraces creativity, that embraces people of all sexualities and genders and expressions, embraces the fact that diversity adds to stories.

“There’s still that little edge to it where we can have a safe working environment and an environment for people to take entertainment in, while also taking risks still and trying new things, and not boxing in what wrestling should be, and treating it as a medium of storytelling versus ‘pro wrestling is this story.’”

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