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Draft Top 3.0 Can Opener is a new way to drink

This isn’t your average can opener! No, this particular can opener was created to open aluminum cans you would drink soda, hard seltzers, wine, or beer out of. Drinking any beverage out of a properly opened can is a total game changer as it enhances the aroma and is much easier to drink out of. So what exactly is capable of creating a clean cut for a nice smooth rim? It’s the New Draft Top 3.0: Easy Can Opener of course.

If you act fast, you can get this innovative can opener for its Black Friday price of $15.99 with no coupon code necessary. This discount is part of our Every Friday is Black Friday promo so act quickly as inventory is limited!

This unique can tool works by using four rotational blades that split and fold the lid as it turns. This creates a smooth rim so you don’t have to worry about cutting your mouth on a sharp edge. Not only will your drink be more easily accessible, but now you can add an orange slice, lime wedge, or any other garnish to enhance the flavor of your beverage, alcoholic or not.

Promotional instructional image on how to use the New Draft Top Opener
Draft Top

If you plan on hosting a small get together or a party for the holidays, now would be the perfect time to order one! Guests will enjoy sipping from a bigger lid, adding their own alcohol to mixers, and fruits to brighten up their drinks!

Other fantastic attributes of the Draft Top 3.0 is its new pressure regulated handle with a texture grip for ease of use, embedded magnet you can stick to your fridge, 50% stronger construction than previous models, and a convenient lanyard hole for on-the-go use. It fits 8-oz. to 16-oz. aluminum cans and some 19-oz. cans with standard tops making it a must-have for every beer drinker!

You can get one Draft Top 3.0 for $16 (reg. $29) or the 2-pack for $36 (reg. $49). Grab it at an early Black Friday deal, no coupon code required!

Prices subject to change.

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