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‘Down to Earth’ Proves Zac and Dylan Efron Need Their Own Travel Show, Too

With Down to Earth, Netflix found one of television’s most dynamic duos. Adventure-loving actor Zac Efron and wellness expert Darin Olien perfectly complement each other as they travel the world in search of healthy, sustainable, innovative ways of life. But another perfect pair with impeccable co-hosting potential exists on the travel series: Zac Efron and his brother Dylan.

Part of what makes Down to Earth so special is the relaxed relationship that Efron and Olien have with their crew members. They frequently converse with them during filming, invite them on camera to try food, and let them partake in the once-in-a-lifetime adventures they experience. Because Zac’s younger brother Dylan works as a producer on the series, we occasionally catch glimpses of him on-screen. And though I adore Efron and Olien’s rapport, I can’t help but crave some more brother bonding.

In real life, 30-year-old Dylan and 35-year-old Zac share a love of travel, adventure, and the outdoors. They already bungee jump together, highline walk, rock climb, fish, surf, and explore the world. And with stunning photography, captivating footage, and highlights of some of the many places he’s visited, Dylan’s Instagram account already looks like a travel host’s haven. The two have effortless chemistry and a deep love for one another, so why in the world don’t we give the Efron brothers their own travel show, too?

Down to Earth proves that Efron was born to be a travel host, and I love the Netflix series so much that I don’t want to tamper with its formula in any way. Let Efron and Olien keep doing their thing, with Dylan accompanying them on their journey and producing behind the camera. But since Zac is such a charming, engaging, delightful travel host, let’s give him a second travel show with Dylan where the two get the chance to explore, adventure, and bro it up together on camera.

Aside from the fact that they’re both fun, daring, charismatic studs, if you need more proof that a Zac and Dylan Efron travel show would be a surefire hit, look no further than their 2019 YouTube series, “Off The Grid with Zac and Dylan.” The four videos — which show the brothers spending 96 hours in a desert, skiing, fishing, and exploring California — offer a perfect taste of how delicious a full-fledged series of theirs could be. And they’ll leave you hungry for more.

The YouTube series’ unpolished reality show-style format captures the brothers cooking, driving, camping, narrating, and bonding as they leave their comfort zones and seek out new experiences in nature with friends. They’re experts in being their unfiltered, authentic selves on camera. And their passion for life and our planet is extremely evident and contagious.

Dylan has his own YouTube channel full of travel videos, too. But the world needs a series that follows in Down to Earth‘s footsteps, giving the Efron brothers the opportunity to share their love for each other and travel on a major streaming platform. In our year 2022, the time has come for the Efron-ification of travel TV. It was unexpected, for sure. But I fully embrace it.

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